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1.1. We use popular payment systems on our website which protects you as a customer with its refund policies and fraud prevention system. If you don't get your items - you can open a dispute and get your money back.
1.2. The user that is interested in services order and in their payment has the opportunity to execute financial transactions with the aid of proposed payment systems.
1.3. To execute the payment during the deal-making user have an invoice that he shall discharge within the specified terms.
1.4. The Parties agreed that each Party shall pay on its own taxes and fees that arose during the Internet Service using.
1.5. We provide full refunds before the items are delivered. To do this, you need to cancel your order via online chat.
1.6. We do not issue refunds after items have been delivered to your account.
1.7. If the items delivered to you is not the one you ordered, you can contact us for exchange or refund.

/ Home / Refund policy
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