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How do i avoid fake Rocket League sites?
There are few things you can do to ensure you always visit only legitimate sites:
  • Always check website URL -
  • We will never ask your account login or password
If you happen to fall victim of items theft despite following these steps, contact Rocket League support to retrieve untradeable copies of your items.
Is BallChaser shop legit?
Yes! We have been trading in the rocket league for more than 5 years. Buying from us, you get things cheap and fast! You can read a lot of reviews from real buyers in Trustpilot. Payment with Paypal, Visa and Mastercard provides the best transaction security. Each customer receives information about their order in an email and, of course, our support service is always ready to help you and answer any questions.
How to contact BallChaser team?
We are happy to chat with you via Chatra in bottom right corner of the screen. Our support will gladly answer your questions and will help you solve any problem!
What is order id?
Order ID is a sequence of 10 digits. For example "1575052383". Each order has its own unique number, it's used to track delivery status.
Where to find order id?
It is sent to you in the email that you entered when your made the order. If you have trouble identifying your order's ID, please contact us via Chatra!
How long does it take to receive purchased items?
We usually transfer orders from 5 minutes to 3 hours. If three hours have passed after the order, and we still have not contacted you - do not worry, it took us a little more time to process your order due to certain circumstances. We will definitely inform you about this in a letter to the mail.
You can always clarify at what stage your order is, and after what time you will receive the ordered items in the online chat.
What can i do to receive the items quicker?
Make sure that your profile is not private and accepts friend requests. If all the fields were filled in correctly, then your order will be delivered as soon as possible. Follow the new friend request.
How are the items delivered?
On PC, the items are delivered via in game trade. Once the order is ready to be delivered, we'll send you an email and will send friend request to you. After you accept it, we'll invite you to the patty and transfer your order.
What I should do if trade is locked?
Don't worry, you can unblock the exchange and receive your order later. You can find detailed instructions on how to unlock a trade in the Help center. There is also the possibility of a refund.
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